Launching into the deep…The Journey Begins

Ok. So this blog is intended to share my experiences, opinions, and resources on Living a Deliberate Life.  Meaning a self directed life rather than an others directed life. My inspiration for this blog being Henry David Thoreau and his experiences while living at Walden Pond.

This pertains to such areas as spending  habits, income generation, general money management, living arrangements. How to cut away the excesses, and get down the purest essentials of life. Enjoying the freedom and peace of mind that comes with living life unencumbered with frivolous possessions and needless consumption.

I will attempt to cover all these areas in a comprehensive manner, with some humor seasoned with my normally direct way of speaking.

Please feel free to send me any contributing info that you think will be helpful to our readers. Email them to me at:

Although this is my first real attempt at blogging, I hope to make this work. Living a Deliberate Life is a subject dear to my heart.

So, lets launch the Living Deliberately blog!

RF Black

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