Living a Deliberately Smaller Life…

It has been about six years since the beginning of my renaissance…the methodical transformation from a life of reckless consumption and excess to a smaller and yet “oh so much freer” deliberate life.

My former bigger is better mindset  has given way to the realization that less really can be more, especially when it comes to housing.  Our family’s living space has gotten progressively smaller every year. Not necessarily due to lack of funds, but more to increasing our sense of freedom by decreasing the need for excess square footage.

We have gone from nearly 1800 square feet in Texas down to aprox 620 sq ft at our mountain house in Mexico. We have a live/work combo house in N TX that is only 820 sf and it seems huge!

In the process of my mental “sea change” I have discovered and become a major fan & proponent of what are known as Tiny Homes. You will see me post frequently on this subject. But my heart and mind is also open to other living space alternatives. Those such as full time RV living, to living in one’s car/truck/van.. Other options include “stealth living” in unexpected venues and nomadic life using sources such as CouchSurfing.

So off we go…

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2 Responses to Living a Deliberately Smaller Life…

  1. My husband and I are on our journey toward a simpler, more deliberate life. We are currently building our own tiny house. I can’t wait!

    • RF Black says:

      Congrats! You’ve made a great choice and looks like you’re well on your way. Love your blog, too. Keep me posted on your progress, and let me know if you would like to make a guest post or two along your journey. I’d love to share your experiences here.

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