Ron’s Tightwad Tips – Eating Cheap

Ikea. The name ubiquitous in the world of cheap but well designed furniture.

But did you know that they serve food there too? And very affordable, too. Quality is good but they won’t win any James Beard Awards anytime soon.

Anyway, on to the tips…

1) Here in TX they have a Bistro (aka snack bar) near the checkouts. They have a great special daily; 2 hot dogs, chips, and bottomless soft drink for only $2.00 tax included! Not a bad deal.

***I always keep the soda cup ( more about that later) so the next time I’m passing thru, I can get a free refill. Single hot dogs are only $.50 cents each, so I get a great snack cheap and fast, and back on the road in minutes!

2) Ikea also serves free coffee in their main restaurant from 09:30am till 11:00am. (coffee is always free for “members”) combine the free coffee with their .99 cent breakfast, and you have a super way to start the day. You get scrambled eggs(instant) bacon and hash browns for under a buck. $1.99 if you want to super size it.

So there you have it. An Uber-cheap place to eat. Enjoy

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