Life Lessons From My Car… or, “Everything I needed to know about life, I learned from my VW.”

In the Bible, God (aka “The Universe”) uses a donkey (or occasionally a “dumb ass” like me) to convey His message to us mortals. Last week, he chose to use a Volkswagen… to speak to this dumb ass.

I was having a tough day…well more of a tough year. Not hell on earth mind you, but an unusually difficult, relentless period of time, when “the hits just keep on coming.”

This particular day, began rough. No easing into it… just the feeling of being beaten into consciousness… with a baseball bat. Has anyone ever experienced something similar?

After a morning of extinguishing the plethora of flareups and full on blazes that were the harbinger of an oncoming apocalypse, I left the house to get on to some paying work. Surprise! The car won’t start. Nothing…not even  a click. Just an occasional flickering of the digital odometer. That’s it. As if I needed another friggin problem! The What Ifs, started to flow, and visions of $$$ flying out of my hands and wallet, began to flood my already overwhelmed mind.

I got out of the comatose car and lifted the hood in a vain attempt to fein any presence of mechanical knowledge.  After a careful review of the engine compartment, I was stumped. All appeared in order. Shortly thereafter (pun intended), surmised that it might be a simple electrical problem. As if in keeping with my concurrent challenging year, I could hope for any problem to be simple.

Immediately, I began to check the battery. It looked reasonably new. I checked the cables visually at first. Then began to fiddle with the “Red” one with the + sign on the post.  Of course, I thought… it must be loose! And so beginneth the lesson.

Tantamount to my recent years of self inflicted re-programming, my neurology (or better said my neuroses) compelled me to continue focusing my attention on the “Red Cable.” The underlying subtext being similar to the self help guru’s ubiquitous prescription; “you need to be more Positive!” Yes.., that’s the ticket!  Be Positive, Think Positive, Talk Positive, Read Positive, Associate with Positive people, ad vomitus…ad infinitum.

So I yelled at my kids to bring me my scant tool kit. Yelled. Not called to, and not asked politely. So much for Positive, huh? They quickly brought my kit and I began, with great certainty to remove and inspect the Red, aka Positive” cable. Of course, it had to be a problem of “Not enough Positive Energy,” right? Diligently I cleaned and scraped and cleaned and scraped, and cleaned again… The Red cable. Satisfied that I had done the appropriate job, appropriately well, I re-connected the Red cable and dove into the driver’s seat with all of the anticipation of a kid on Christmas morning, expecting his Red Rider BB Gun.  No such gift for me… Nothing! Dead.

After what seemed to be an appropriate tirade of expletives deleted, it occurred to me to check the Black Cable… you know… the Negative one.

Bingo! Although, on my first pass, though it appeared OK, it was actually not ok… it was loose.  Out of control so to speak. So I removed it, cleaned it and replaced it… Tightly. Jackpot! The car started quickly, and ran perfectly. Problem solved.

And so, the Universe…God if you will, began to speak to me thru my VW. And what, What, WTF did It/He say???  As many of you may have already deduced… it was about balance. Balanced energy, to the point.  Too much of one, and not enough of the other.. and your life has No Power. Well, no useful power  anyway. Latent power yes, but effective power, no.

If the Positive Inputs in our lives are not regulated properly, we can short circuit and burn out fast. If the Negative Inputs are “Loose” or not tightly managed, we get the same result. Either one, often causing serious injury and/or death.

My VW says that in order to make our lives run properly, we need to have both the influences of Positive AND Negative energy…together and in perfect balance. Too much or too little, can either be destructive or result in a lack of the necessary energy or Power, to function according to our design.  And both the Positive and Negative MUST BE in balance. They must be “Tightly Connected” to our lives. If either are “on the loose” then we sit uselessly inert, and often “blow a fuse.”

So, please consider the wisdom of my Volkswagen. Make sure that not only do you keep your life’s battery fully charged, but that you always keep a careful watch on  the “connections” in your life. Embrace both the Positive and the Negative connections and inputs that you will undoubtedly experience…Equally and Joyfully.  And keep them in balance, properly tightened and under control. Remember that occasionally these imputs/connections need to be removed, examined, cleaned, and properly re-connected. However, sometimes, you just might need to remove one permanently and replace it with a new and fresh one.

Blessings to all my fellow travelers out on the highway of life. May your connections be balanced and true. And may you Live your Life…Deliberately.




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4 Responses to Life Lessons From My Car… or, “Everything I needed to know about life, I learned from my VW.”

  1. I’m glad you were able to solve the problem inexpensively, although you might want to learn some new vocabulary words. Words which are less colorful! LOL!

    • RF Black says:

      Thanks, Monique.

      Sorry for the exaggerated level of “Colorful Language. I’ll try to tone it down a bit, while I wait for my new dictionary to arrive from amazon. LOL.


  2. Lee says:

    NO keep the colorful words it paints a better picture to much dumbing down in this country already! All things done in moderation is a good montra, it helps me keep on an even keel.
    thanks for the word pictures Lee

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