How To Be Invisible ~ 3rd Edition Release ~ By JJ Luna

Hi folks,

I just received an email from my friend JJ Luna, author of the book; 

“How To Be Invisible”

JJ informs me that the 3rd edition is being released tomorrow, and he asked me to share it with my friends on FB and on my Blog.

This edition includes new chapters not previously published in the first 2 editions. such as:

18 The Dangers of Facebook Are Real
19 The Art of Pretexting, aka Social Engineering

20 Secret Spaces, Hidden Places

21 How to Secretly Run a Home-Based Business
22 The Dangers of Facial Recognition
23 Ten Additional Privacy Tips
24 How to Disappear and Never Be Found
25 Moving To Another Country
26 Secret Spaces, Hidden Places
27 Cool Stuff That Did Not Fit In Earlier
28  International Privacy 101

JJ Luna is the worlds’ foremost authority on Privacy and Personal Security. I have read all 3 editions of this book (he sent me an advance 3rd edition copy last month) and can tell you that it is a must have book. Everybody needs to know this stuff!  JJ is the best in the world, and an expert teacher.

Check them out and buy them on the links below;

How To Be Invisible – Paperback

How To Be Invisible – Kindle




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