Ask and you shall receive! A lesson in Deliberate Spending and Deliberate Savings!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Have had a full plate.

Todays entry is about Deliberate Spending.

I have been needing a new set of tires for my car for a while now, but haven’t been able to afford the tires of choice; namely Falken Ziex. The retail installed price was $367 with tax and installation.

So today I went to a tire store and told them I would like a discounted price on the tires alone, and that i would take them elsewhere to be installed. I said that I knew that I could accomplish my budget of $300 total if I did it separately.

The young man asked me if I would like them to do everything for the same $300 price,,.,tax and installation included. Of course I said yes….and it was done.


This weekend, I got a similar Huge Discount from a mechanic shop on some service work done on my other vehicle. Saved $60 just on one certain part. Plus huge discount on their labor rate as well. All because I asked nicely.

So, my message today is ASK! Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. Take the time to do some comparative research if you can…it really helps. But nevertheless, ASK FOR A DISCOUNT. Businesses know very well that competition for customers is tighter than ever, and they can’t afford to let a good customer walk away.

This week I saved several hundred  $$$ on vehicle repairs, Tires, and other items…. Simply because I ASKED NICELY FOR A DISCOUNT.  Go and do likewise.

$pend Deliberately and $ave Deliberately!


Below see the regular retail price of the tires purchased today for only $300 total;

Qty Product Information Price Extended

205/65R-15 94H B

$67.00 $268.00 Remove
Tire Disposal Fee $2.99 $11.96
Valve Stems, Lifetime Rotations FREE
Installation & Lifetime Spin Balancing $16.00 $64.00
Subtotal $343.96
 8.25% Sales Tax $23.10
Total “Out the Door” Price $367.06
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